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Is consistently creating new content and keeping up with all of the latest social media trends giving you a massive headache? Well, consider us your Advil ™Take a deep breath and let the Savvee team create quality content for you, every day.

Why Savvee?

People have always told stories. Now, the mediums have changed, but the messages remain. We know that you are passionate about your brand, your cause, or your organization. We bottle that passion up, write it down, and share it with the world. Should we focus on one social network, or try to master all of them? Should we post twice a day, or 15 times a day? Is Wonderbread healthy ? Is coffee good for me? Some things we can never truly know. But we do know that…

Quality content drives people to action!

What We Do

We offer boutique content packages to fit every need. We do the work of actually researching, curating, writing and scheduling, so you don’t have to.

Simple Pricing

Who needs cumbersome hourly rate trackers and complicated fee structures? Savvee offers straightforward package pricing so you can rest easy knowing your marketing dollars are hard at work.

Proven Results

We don’t just provide the content- we track, analyze and keep our finger on the pulse of what is working for your brand online. No bots, just humans who care. We get results, and we always explain the stories behind the numbers.

Tailored Strategy

We don’t simply prescribe a cookie cutter process to your brand. We listen to your goals and your frustrations, and provide a content and social media strategy that is as unique as what you have built.

Quality & Timelessness

Our team is proud to create the highest quality content for each individual platform to make sure you get noticed by your audience, and respected in your industry. No games, no shortcuts. Just quality.

Connecting With People

We are experienced marketers, strategists and copywriters who understand how to connect people to a mission and drive people to action online. Because the human beings behind the avatars are what really matter.

Definition & Consistency

At Savvee, we understand the need to define your brand’s distinct online voice. We also know the importance of keeping it consistent. We see our team as stewards of the brand you have worked so hard to build.

What Our Customers are Saying

"I’ve worked with two different Savvee writers for two different companies with totally different needs, and I was amazed at how easily Savvee’s team was able to echo and enhance our branding and messaging. Within a week I was saying, ‘You’ve got it!"


Ben Roberts, Marketing Director

“I cannot say enough great things about Savvee- their work has exceeded all of my expectations. They have helped our company become educational leaders in our industry with knowledgeable, creative, consistent content.”

The Lebermuth Company

“Savee has taken the time to listen and develop a deep understanding of our business, objectives, and most importantly our audience. They’ve designed and executed a social media strategy that has increased engagement and awareness.”

Regal Entertainment

Jeff Wright, Marketing & Product Manager

“Hilary and the Savvee crew have consistently delivered great quality. We are very pleased!”

The Resonate Group

Kerry Bural, Principal

Who We Are

Hilary Barnett Founder & CEO

Hilary has always loved words. Writing them, speaking them, even singing them. Words have captured her from the very beginning and she has seen the power that they have to tell an important story. When Hilary found out she could harness the power of words for her clients, the clouds parted and her mission became clear- Savvee was born. Since 2011, Hilary has stayed committed to serving clients with the highest level of quality content, and building a team of highly talented content creators who love their work and are empowered to live their dreams.

Tiffany Smith CRO / Co-Owner

Tiffany knows the power of a good story. She has written hers with courage, heart, and dedication to her craft for over fourteen years, building successful marketing departments from the ground up. She has a proven track record of helping companies go to the next level through stellar leadership, clear and consistent brand development, and results-driven marketing. Tiffany joined the team as a former client and a true believer in the Savvee mission.

Shelly Account Director

Baseball mom, professional Starbucks drinker, runner

Kelly Account Manager

Avid Reader, Hip Hop Head, Cold Beverage Enthusiast

Allison Account Manager

comma queen, songwriter, innovative idea generator

Jocelyn Account Manager

brand builder, graphics guru, joyful mama of two

Courtney Account Manger

seeker of beauty, hiking addict, wife & mom of three

Alex Content Creator

family man, boxing aficionado, Mother of Dragons

Sarah Account Manager

athlete, planner, chocolate lover

Rey Account Manager

film buff, coffee lover, Disney nerd

Ashley Graphic Designer

web wizard, fan of fitness, has too many hobbies

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