Four months into 2018 and we are already seeing the trends pop up in content marketing for the year.

It’s important to stay on top of trends to stay relevant on social media and keep up with (or surpass) competitors. If you don’t keep up, followers and customers will notice and not pay as much attention to your brand or business on social networks. The most important trends businesses should be following and keeping a close eye on are influencer marketing, personalized content, and the changing types of creating content. Let’s check out how these three topics are rocking social media right now:


Influencers are nothing new in the marketing world. Some brands (cosmetics especially) have been using them for years. However, influencers are on the rise for all sorts of brands. Companies are starting to utilize Instagram for influencing, as well as other social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. An influencer does not need millions of followers. Marketers are looking at people who have 10,000-100,000 followers, otherwise known as “micro-influencers.” They may even work for the company already, but influencers are meant to bring in authenticity and show off the brand while being paid a small amount. They are usually given free products by the brand and told to make a post or video about it. There isn’t much research done on the effectiveness of micro-influencers yet, but it is definitely a trend to watch this year.

Personalized Content

With big data comes big responsibility. All the data that apps and computers collect on social media help marketers personalize their content more than ever. A video or ad may pop up on your news feed that is different from your friend across the country even thought it is for the same campaign. Remember that time you looked up skis on Google and now you have ads on the side of your newsfeed for ski resorts? Yes, that. Communication researchers have been studying tailored messaging with the rise in social media and studies have shown it’s working to reach more people than ever. This is a huge opportunity for businesses and marketers alike to reach their audience.

Types of Content

The days are gone when blog posts and social networking sites are the only hats digital marketers wear. Numerous content types are surfacing to help businesses’ social media stand out even more. These new types include: Webinars, checklists, infographics, case studies, “how to” guides, podcasts, gifs, and short form/long form videos. Staying on top of these fairly new ways of creating content can help marketers and businesses stay relevant on social media while also producing unique projects.

There is still plenty of time in 2018 to catch up on these intriguing trends. More trends could even pop up in the meantime. For now, keep up with current marketing articles (follow Savvee on Facebook and Twitter for some helpful posts!). Of course you don’t want to simply copy other companies, but finding creative ways to incorporate other content trends into your social allows for more opportunity to reach people and stay relevant.

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