We love to highlight major brands who “get” social media. And let’s be honest- we love coffee. Starbucks, to be exact. They have stayed true over the years, and despite the haters, their brand power and loyalty is off the charts. With almost 12 million Twitter followers, 37 million likes on Facebook, and 15.4 million followers on Instagram, they are doing something right.

Let’s take a look at the ways that Starbucks is totally winning on social.

1) They speak in a tone that fits the brand.

2) They engage each and every response in a timely manner, and keep it lighthearted and fun.


3) They magnify the voices of their raving fans.


4) They create graphics and images that support the entire brand experience.

5) They address negative comments immediately, tactfully and honestly.

These best practices can be applied to any company, no matter the size. If you can make these a priority in your social media engagement, the results will be the same. Better brand awareness, a more loyal customer base, and greater revenue.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to make social media and content creation a priority, but know it’s important for your company, give us a shout! We are happy to help.

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