It’s crucial to have at least one individual in your company who is dedicated to content creation and social media, but what if your whole organization could embrace a culture of content? Is that even a realistic goal? And if so, what could it look like?

Below I will outline the benefits of a culture of content, and a few simple ways you can begin to implement this with your team.

1) Understand how content benefits your company.
It’s important to get a grasp on how content can help your company. Depending on your marketing strategy, content may already be a huge part of your approach, or it may be at the bottom of the list. I would argue that for most companies, content is not a high enough priority. Often “content creation” can seem like a daunting task, because it does take time and creative energy. You are busy doing the work, who has time to write about it?

However, there are often hidden returns and benefits to creating content that cannot be measured. The power of blog posts and social media to direct people to your products or services is obvious, but certain intangibles such as brand awareness, becoming an industry leader, and building trust are also potential benefits. Knowing the value of content is your first step.

2) Tap into the knowledge of your team.
Expecting your brand new social media intern to write about and understand every single aspect of your company is unrealistic at best, and disastrous at worst. Your entire team is full of knowledge that can be easily translated into enormous amounts of content for your audience. Tap into their distinct understanding of the industry and your company. Allow them to help you spread the word by elevating their voice, and build trust in the process.

3) Designate someone as a “story collector”.
When it comes to getting the content mentioned above from your team, the trick is getting it out of their minds and onto paper. This is where a social media professional comes in. Whether it’s an employee or an agency like us, having someone who is skilled at teasing out the best stories is vital. Set up a simple interview schedule, and allow that individual to spend fifteen minutes on the phone with one team member each week. You would be amazed at what they can produce from that one simple effort.

4) Amplify what your team is already doing online.
Depending on the HR policies and regulations, many teams are already active online, especially on LinkedIn, sharing their company’s content and utilizing their personal networks to support their organization’s efforts. Be sure to have clear policies for this, and within the boundaries of those, promote your own employees engagement and activity from within. There is nothing more reassuring to a customer than seeing employees who champion their workplace. Give your team the opportunity to do that on social media as often as possible.






Who Has Time for Social Media?


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