We all know that creating quality content is paramount when it comes to raising awareness about your brand. But how can you utilize content from other sources to also help build your online presence? After spending several years doing this exact thing for multiple brands, I am going to share a few quick tips that can help you as you search for great curated content to share with your followers.

Remember the purpose and tone of your online presence.

When considering what types of sources to pull into your feed, always keep your branding and tone at the forefront of your mind. Just because something is relevant or related to your industry doesn’t mean it’s the perfect fit. Make sure it’s engaging, well written, and will reflect back positively on your brand. Also, when sharing from one platform to another, be aware of aesthetic differences and adjust accordingly. For example, while some users may use multiple hashtags on Instagram, they may not do the same for Facebook.

Research, research, research.

This process can be ongoing, but you must begin here. Depending on your industry, you may find a wide range of viable sources, or the content landscape may be fairly sparse (this means it’s up to you to begin creating it!) Be sure to search relevant keywords and various arrangements of search terms. Use content aggregator sites┬áto find related topics. Search related hashtags, and don’t be afraid to go down any rabbit trail you find. Enjoy the research process, and keep a running list of sources as you go.

Give credit where credit is due.

The rules of good internet citizenship have become a little fuzzy lately, but my #1 rule is that if you wouldn’t have done it in your college English class, don’t do it online. Plagiarism is gross. Whenever you retweet, share, screenshot, or link, give credit. Even if you don’t have to do it, it will benefit you in the long run. Reach out to your sources, and thank them for their great content. Like their pages, follow their feeds, and I promise you the love will be returned to you. Creating a positive online community starts with treating people the way you want to be treated.

Save or archive posts for later.

Each major platform has it’s own special way to save content for later use. On Facebook, it’s the “Save Post” option in the top right hand corner of any post in your timeline. On Twitter, you can use the “Like” button (heart) to archive posts that you love. On Instagram, the small banner icon on the bottom right hand side of any post will save it to a collection in your account. Of course, you can also use browser extensions, apps like Pocket, Evernote and more to collect content. Use whatever works best for you, just make sure to always be on the lookout for great posts!

Keep your audience in mind.

Since you already have worked to understand your audience, always picture them when you are sharing curated content. If it’s annoying, boring or spammy, it’s likely to cost you a few followers. Curated content should never be promotional, or point someone to a competitor’s page. Build partnerships, share content that is practical, helpful, and entertaining, and you will see a great return for your efforts.

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