Think Twitter is as simple as a tweet here and there? Think again.

With over 330 million active users, Twitter is a significant platform for most businesses. Around 69 million users are in the United States, and most of them are between ages 18-29. Knowing the power Twitter can have for your business can help you gain much more than just a few new followers.

While sharing fresh content with followers is just one of the perks, Twitter has many other features and benefits.

  • Engaging with followers
  • Branding
  • Networking
  • Managing customer questions and complaints
  • Using features such as videos, lists, gifs, search bar, and more

Here are some tips for each benefit that Twitter has to offer.


Engagement has become a vital part of Facebook with the new algorithms, but it has always been important for Twitter. Sure, the number of followers you have is a great start to see how well you are doing. But how can you get and maintain that number?

Your timeline should not merely consist of outside links or plain information. Asking questions in tweets helps to jump-start a conversation. Being conversational and sparking interaction can help people find you and be interested in you.


Tweets should open up the door for interacting with other users. This can include networking by replying to others in your field or possible future clients and customers, or just replying to interactions on your tweets. Using hashtags associated with your brand or company can help you locate people who are interested in or are tweeting about the same subjects you are.


Follow top trends and hashtags on Twitter, quote and retweet tweets, and respond to your followers. This helps you stay relevant on social media and helps people know that there is not just a robot behind your account. It’s important to show the personality of your brand.

Managing Customer Questions and Using the Features of Twitter

Using features such as the search bar can help you utilize reputation management – while also engaging with a consumer. Searching on Twitter for your company or brand name can help you locate customer questions or complaints. You can even search for mentions about services your company provides, and point people to your page to help them out. Have you ever tweeted a problem you had and the company mysteriously finds it and tweets you back? It’s amazing and most likely helps that person feel heard and cared for.

The search bar isn’t the only great feature of Twitter. You can post relevant videos, gifs, and pictures as well. Pairing them with hashtags can help with networking and using gifs shows off your brand’s personality even more.

Setting Your Twitter Goals

As we’ve learned, building a following with engaged users is the best way to make the most of the platform. A great place to start is goal setting. Set goals to increase your mentions and retweets. For example, for the month of March you want at least 10 retweets and 10 mentions from your followers. Keep your response rate close to 100% by always answering people’s questions and addressing any concerns. Generate leads from Twitter by following people and searching for those keywords in the search bar.

Spacing out tweets is important so people don’t miss what you have to say. Experts recommend tweeting about three times a day and replies can go beyond that.

Set new goals however often you need to, whether it’s daily, weekly, or quarterly!


Happy Tweeting!


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