We talk to people every day who need fresh, quality content to post to their social media channels.

They know they need it, and quick. We are happy to help them fill that need, but before we begin a relationship, there are six words I always make sure that I say: Social Media Isn’t a Silver Bullet.

*GASP* (commence clutching of pearls). What could I possibly mean?

Isn’t social media where EVERYONE is living now? All you need to do is look around to see everyone’s face buried in their phone. Even Aunt Irma has a serious Facebook problem and the family is conisdering an intervention. Social media is EVERYTHING! Not to mention that one guy on Twitter said I could get a million followers in a week with his special “secret” strategy and become an overnight success!

I hate to be the bearer of less sexy news, but although social media is where everyone is, if you think it’s a shortcut to marketing and business success, you will only be disappointed.

Social media is simply an extension of how you do business.

A few thoughts:

1) You have to know your why.

Creating authentic, relevent and relatable content forces you to get to the heart of what your brand is, and why you do what you do.Without a true understanding of your company’s mission, your social media efforts will fall flat.

2) You must have a marketing strategy that sets realistic goals and includes content and social media.

Creating an inbound strategy that will provide your customers with real valu and resources, help them understand why they should trust you and buy your products, is a comprehensive approach. The best social media can’t save the worst marketing plan.

3) Social media takes time.

We all know there are no real “overnight” successes- any success you observe has come from a great deal of time and effort. The same goes for social media. It takes a true commitment to posting high quality, creative and helpful content every single day, along with building relationships and loyalty, to help build a true following online. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

While social media isn’t a silver bullet, it is a wonderful tool for reaching potential customers and growing your revenue. And like any tool, when used with skill and precision, it can wield amazing results.

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