The short answer to this question is… everyone, and no one.

Confused? Read on…

77% of adults are now using a social media platform on a daily basis.

Everyone, including your grandma, is on social media. It is THE new advertising medium. Social media spending in the U.S. alone is expected increase to $17.34 billion in 2019.

When it comes to scrolling, we are all experts.

But when it comes to actually creating quality content to serve our audience and grow our business? That’s where it gets tricky. Social media is always on. There is no shutting down, no stopping. Remember the old movie “Little Shop of Horrors”? Social media is that weird plant screaming “feed me Seymour!”

Social media must be constantly fed, and not just thrown scraps.

You have to bring your A-game, every single day. With this in mind, most of the executives, marketing directors, and founders I meet have zero time to make this their top priority.

And you are in the same boat, right?

You have the time to scroll through Facebook or Instagram for a while each day, check your Twitter mentions, and maybe even make a few connections on LinkedIn. But beyond that, your margin is tapped out. And it should be. You are busy focusing on increasing revenue, protecting the integrity of your brand and mission, and empowering your team to do great work.

So yes, everyone has time for social media. Heck, we make time. We spend more time checking it that we probably should. But when it comes to creating engaging, consistent content? That is where things seem to fall apart.

You have three options: 

1) (Attempt to) create the content yourself.
Take time out of your busy schedule to create social media content every single day. Since this is a full-time job, you can imagine how effectively you will be able to complete this task since you have another job to do entirely.

2) Let another employee do it.
Assign the social media presence to another employee on top of their existing responsibilities. This guarantees that your team member will be constantly stressed, and not perform their duties effectively. Thumbs up!

3) Hire an agency (like, ahem, Savvee).
For less than half of what it would cost to hire and train a social media employee, let the experts at Savvee to handle it for you. Sleep well at night knowing your company’s online presence is always on.

We make time for social media so you can keep enjoying it. But please don’t blame us for your Facebook-in-bed habit. We can’t take credit for that.



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