Let’s talk babies.

They grow so fast, every day they seem to have gotten bigger or learned something new. There is such a big market for babies and parents everywhere have to research and look into what they’re buying for their little one. With so many options out there and such a short amount of time to use these products, it is increasingly important for a company that caters to babies to have great marketing.

That’s where Solly Baby has been able to stand out. Who is Solly Baby? Solly Baby is a company that specializes in baby wraps for moms (and dads too of course!) so they can wear the baby. Baby wearing has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s not easy holding a baby while going out or trying to do the laundry. Not only does it provide the parent with free hands but it also mimics being in the womb and creates a special closeness the baby needs.

What makes Solly Baby so good at social content?

The Team

Well let’s start with the basics. An awesome marketing team is the best way to get ahead, especially online.

Their team consists of a group of moms that are able to meet virtually and also in person once a month. These moms are the ones who rep the brand, develop social content, and all of Solly’s marketing. Why is this so important? One reason is that their team is literally their customer. Solly Baby is reaching a huge market of moms, and what better way to do that than having fellow moms run the marketing? They can relate to other women and parents, they know what others are going through and what trends they are buying into, and overall they know what the customers needs and what they want. They aren’t just trying to be fake and guess at what the customer needs.

The Pages

Let’s talk about their social media pages. Solly Baby is present on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Their Instagram is followed currently by 273,000 people and posts daily throughout the week. Their posts include longer captions of real life stories of parenting and motherhood. They may ask funny questions to their followers, always geared towards their audience they are reaching. They even do giveaways of products, especially their new ones, which usually involves tagging others. Tagging others in giveaways helps introduce possible new customers to the brand. They also post on Instagram stories, possibly linking a picture to their website or the newest giveaway.

Their Facebook page is also a great example of using social media for the brand! They have videos on their page that draws dads into babywearing too, showing a man figuring out how to wrap the baby. They also post videos that inform others on their brand, what babywearing is, and more, calling in experts and fellow moms and dads. They may post articles on motherhood, mom stories, and other parenting funnies as well. Not to mention their graphics are enticing! The brand seems to thrive off simplicity, with neutral colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Solly Baby also has a weekly newsletter that gives customers and potential customers a glimpse into their newest products and more. And we all remember the importance of email marketing, right?

Not only does their social media help promote their product, but word of mouth goes a long way too. Moms talk, new parents ask questions, and people answer. When someone may recommend the Solly Baby wrap to a mom-to-be, it is easy for her to look online for the product and get the most information she can. This goes for any company. People need to be able to search out your business or product and be able to find it and be satisfied with the amount they learned before purchasing or inquiring.

Overall, Solly Baby is up there with the best on social content. They have their own little niche market of people in the world, parents (especially the social media savvy moms), and they’re shining the light on such a simple product that not many people knew about just a decade ago.

Thanks Solly for making babywearing beautiful, fun, comfortable and dare we say, sexy!

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