Founded in 1962, Taco Bell has expanded to over 7,000 restaurants. The restaurant has expanded their menu from tacos to all sorts of other options such as burritos, wraps, drinks, and even desserts. Although they don’t have as many followers as their fast food chain competition, such as McDonalds and Wendy’s, they find a way to stand out among the crowd and excel on each of their social networks. Their social media staff are on top of trends that match their target audience, their engagement is outstanding, and their brand personality shines through. Here are a few reasons why they are killing it at social.

The Staff Matches The Audience

Many companies find it difficult to connect with youth and often come across as being inauthentic. Not at Taco Bell- the social media staff are carefully selected.

Nick Tran, the former social media lead at Taco Bell, discussd how millennials were sought out because they live and breathe social media. Dispersing these like-minded team memebrs throughout the company has helped them stay on top of trends, jokes, and what the audience wants.

On their Instagram it’s almost a surprise to see a lot of their photos are not just pictures of food, but many cartoons with creative ways that present their product. Their audience is obvious on social channels such as Instagram and Twitter.

Outstanding Engagement

Taco Bell’s Twitter replies show they know their audience and how to engage with them. Taco Bell’s replies to tweets on their social accounts have been so witty that they often go viral. It’s not all fun and games though- they reply to many tweets that simply show someone’s Taco Bell meal, someone’s thought about Taco Bell, and other random subject matters about the restaurant.

This amazing involvement goes above and beyond, only creating more engagement when people see these replies from the company. Not only does engaging with followers help Taco Bell out, but their ability to show off their brand’s personality is a big hit.

Brand Personality

A brand can’t survive with no personality or one that’s all over the place. Taco Bell has stuck with a witty but serious company tone that shines through on their social media channels. The creative replies back to Twitter users almost puts Taco Bell in the same category as your funny and witty online friend.

All three of these strategies by Taco Bell contribute to a successful social media plan and put social media marketers and customers on their toes to see what will come next. Make sure your staff has the same personality or can connect with the targeted audience. Engaging with the customers and followers on social media has helped many companies only succeed (check out our last brand profile on Dollar Shave Club).

Lastly, letting your personality (or the personality you want your brand to have) shine through on social media can help audiences develop a more emotional connection to a brand.

With all these strategies in mind, a company is bound to succeed and stay on top of current marketing trends.

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