Remember when Facebook was just a way to tell the world what you were doing for the day and you’d upload a selfie or two? Maybe you would even “become a fan” of a page that you thought was totally relatable. Oh how times have changed. Facebook has now become a platform that is almost 100% necessary. Some people might think their business is too “boring” and doesn’t belong on social media, but that’s not true!

Here are some tips to help a business make the most of Facebook:

Create a business profile and soup it up

Starting off, a business needs to set up a business profile on Facebook. It is super simple and can even connect to someone’s personal profile or the marketer’s personal profile in order to easily edit and post on the page. If you go to the arrow pointing down at the top of a Facebook page, choose “create a page” and viola!

Next is “souping” up that profile to make it attractive to followers and people searching the business. Change the URL so it matches your business and is easily accessible by people. Add a great cover photo and profile picture—these can be a logo, picture of your team, or something related to your business. Update that “About” section to describe your business and highlight everything you want others to know. Update anything in the other sections of the business page to help followers and start posting!

Relevant Posts and Boosted Posts

Showing activity on your business page is the best way to show others that you’re active and easy to contact. That’s not saying to post every meme or funny video you see, but content that is relevant to your business (the occasional meme or gif can show off your personality, so feel free to not be robotic!). The best blog posts, engaging questions that followers can respond to, business updates, and other content that will interest your followers is a great start for Facebook content. Share interesting posts from other pages or articles you find that are relevant to your business. Also, figure out the best times to post content on Facebook and how many times a day to post. The standard is once per day and according to recent studies, between 1-4pm and Wednesday at 3pm seems to be the best time overall.

To get people to first notice a business, you can boost a post for a pretty reasonable cost on Facebook. You can choose the maximum amount of money you want to spend on a post to reach a certain amount of people. You can manage the ads, extend the amount of time you want a post shown, and more. Facebook’s support pages highlight any question you might have about boosting posts.

Take advantage of video, pictures, and live videos

Making an announcement that you’re going to go live on Facebook and following through with a live video is a great way to engage followers. Live videos provide unique and one-of-a-kind content. Whether it’s talking about a relevant topic about the business, showcasing an important event, or announcing something big, live videos can notify followers and help them keep up with what is going on with your business. Plus live videos are fun! You can see comments from followers as they come in and interact with them in real time.Research from Livestream found 81% of Internet users said they watched more live streaming content in 2016 than a year prior. Can you imagine how many more Internet users view live videos now?

Other videos and pictures from the business should be creative, captivating, and eye-catching. Even putting quotes in pictures can engage followers to share your posts. Video content is also still a huge eyecatcher for audiences. It’s good for your business’s page to get a head start! Checking out other company’s videos can help a business figure out what they could be posting about or how to go about it.

Facebook has so much to offer! Clicking through the support page, the business profile, and reading up on new Facebook articles (especially with the algorithms and data controversies happening) can help you stay up to date on making the most of Facebook. Good luck!

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