Instagram is nothing new, but the photo sharing app has becomes more and more important for businesses even in the past year.

As you’re scrolling through Instagram it may be a bit overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! Here are some helpful tips to mastering the art of Instagram for businesses:

Business First

You probably have a personal Instagram page, but now it’s time to take the leap and set up your business page. Sign up for a business profile on Instagram to get started, so you can benefit from the analytics and insights provided to business profiles. Remember, depending on the type of business you own, you will determine what type of content is appropriate. If you are a lifestyle brand, share away with personal pics! But if you are a small or mid-size company, make sure that you keep your business in teh forefront with well-styled images depicting your products, team and services. However, it is totally fine to mix it up once and awhile and get personal with your business’s followers. This helps create a more authentic interaction that people can relate to while still being professional.

Business Profile

In order to sign up for a business profile, you must first have a business page on Facebook. You then click the gear icon and switch to a business profile. Next comes sprucing up the profile! An easy username that people can search for you with is a necessity. A link to your website or latest blog post in the bio, your location (so people can see if you’re local), along with a short and sweet bio stating what product or service you offer is perfect. You can even highlight specific stories, so when people first click on your page, they can see the most important Instagram stories you want to display. It’s important to have all these basics down so people don’t just pass by your business profile. After all this, it’s time to start posting!

Instagram Posts

Before you begin posting, check out some other businesses in your field and see what they’re posting. This will give you an idea of what to start with. While you’re checking those out, start following as many account as possible in your industry. When posting a photo, include a clever or descriptive caption and make sure you include hashtags! Hashtags are so important for getting people to discover your profile page, connecting with others in the industry, and getting you noticed on Instagram. Look at the hashtags that competitors or business partners are using, and include those in your caption or comments. Most important, stay informed of your customers’ values and needs, and post quality photos or graphics to help engage followers. Respond to followers’ questions and comments to increase engagement!

Utilize Instagram Features

Using all the features that Instagram offers is a great way to stay connected and up to date. Boomerang is a great app that loops a couple seconds of video. Instagram also has a live feature, similar to Facebook live, and can alert your followers when you are broadcasting. Instagram also has a new feature called “IGTV” which lets people broadcast videos that are more than a minute long for their followers or others to discover. Speaking of followers, hosting contests on your Instagram is a fantastic way to gain followers, engage with your current audience, and spread the word about your business.

Instagram is here to stay, and is a fantastic way to engage with future customers and clients, current customers and clients, and explore the business and marketing world with pictures and graphics. So create that business page, put your business first, hashtag it up, and utilize the many features Instagram offers.

Happy posting!

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