Trade shows and live events happen all the time, so why not weave them into your marketing plan? There are ways to incorporate these events into social media to help a business’s presence even more. You can connect with future clients, attendees, and current customers with these strategies in mind:

Let’s start with what to do before the show or live event. This can help people know you’re going to be there, what the show is about, and anything else you want to put out there for the public to know.

A few weeks prior to the event, start researching and understanding all you can about it. For Twitter and Instagram, check out if there are any official hashtags for the event, oryou can even create your own! Start posting, connecting with other key players involved, and teasing your followers on what to expect at the show or live event. This can be in the form of a photo or video and is especially important if you are speaking at the event. Creating a Facebook event for your company can also help you gain more visitors and stir up more buzz before the event. Connect on LinkedIn with other industry folks and even media contacts and invite them to come by as well.

During the show is a whole new ball game! While you’re there, take photos with excited customers or current clients and share their testimonial or story on social media. Take photos of the event in general, but don’t forget the hashtags! Fun live shows on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to get followers involved that couldn’t make it. Live shows can involve taking a tour of the event, your booth, videotaping a speaker at the event, and more to show off the event and your participation in it. Schedule out tweets or posts if you don’t think you’ll have time and make sure you have an adequate amount of social media references to your pages at your booth.

Now that the event is over, it’s time to follow up on social media and with all the connections your company made. The worst thing you can do is go to an event and do no follow up work. Check out any business cards you gathered and recall any people you met. Follow them on social, like their page, connect with them on LinkedIn, and let them know who you are and how you know them. Follow up with any leads you gathered, after all, that’s basically what you’re at the event for! Show off any more content or photos and event write a blog post about your experience and how the event or show went.

All three of these stages are highly important for anyone who wants to incorporate their social media strategy with live events and trade shows. One cannot simply promote their involvement in the show and not follow up. These events are a way to get involved face-to-face with future prospects and connections while still holding your own on social media. A win-win!

With all these strategies in mind, enjoy your next event and make the most of it!

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