It’s getting increasingly difficult to get organic reach on social networks. These social networks are making money off businesses that want to advertise and reach as many people as possible.

The world of marketing can be a stressful place. A business has to have some sort of marketing plan to succeed or get any customers and a common concern of the business owner’s is, “Is this really worth my money?”

In short answer, yes. Specifically, social content is definitely worth it and it’s where businesses want to invest.

ROI stands for return on investment (check out other terms on our common marketing terms blog post)

Return on investment is basically trying to pinpoint what is the best bang for a business’s buck and what is lagging.

Businesses are always looking to cut marketing costs, but fear not, social content is very cost efficient. HubSpot reports that 84% of marketers generate increased traffic with as little as six hours per week on social media. While LYFE Marketing quotes a mere $2.50 per impression spent on social media, three times less than traditional marketing channels.

Some business owners are concerned their social media posts are not getting much love and attention from followers. A few likes here and there and a couple comments once in a while may seem upsetting to a business, but no need to fret! The mere presence of social content is a huge stepping stone for businesses.

Why Social Content Is Important

It can be discouraging when social media content is at a slow start or isn’t given much attention by followers, but this doesn’t mean it’s not going unnoticed or unappreciated. Just having a presence on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram is that much more connection to consumers and other businesses. People like to have easy access to businesses.

Social content provides access for followers to interact with the business and gives the business chances to gain loyal customers. Lifetime customers do so much for businesses and so does a loyal social follower. They will share your content, defend the business, recommend the business, and more.

Want another reason to be on social media? About 2.5 billion people are social media users.

Here are some ways to be successful and measure your social media efforts:

-Set clear goals. This goes for social media campaigns, postings, and even set goals for comments and shares of a post. What is the point of your post or campaign? Are you trying to create brand awareness or generate revenue? This helps you recognize what your business can work on and also remember and learn from the content that is doing well.

-Choose the right platform. What social platform is going to be best for your goals? Is Facebook going to generate the most engagement? Maybe it’s a mix of different platforms. This will help the business pinpoint their best moves and not waste any time or money.

-Know your audience. This is a repetitive term in marketing recently, but it still reigns true! Who’s are you trying to reach? Knowing the audience you are trying to target will help you reach your goals. Not skewing your social content towards the audience you are trying to reach will result in posts being ignored and maybe even missed due to algorithms, not to mention not help generate engagement and gaining stronger and more loyal followers.

So what is a business to do when it comes to social content?

As of 2016, 95% of marketers agree that Facebook advertising has the best ROI, while business to business ROI is best on LinkedIn. Networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even Google + have their different audiences. It’s best a business finds out who they are targeting first, what their goals are, and go from there. Some platforms like Facebook let you choose who sees your ad or posts.

Another way to help boost your social media is to include quick Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram buttons on your webpages. This helps make your business even more accessible to customers and future customers alike. Try to respond to customers and followers as quickly as possible as well. People see that and know you are active and reliable.

So there you have it, a proven and simplified reason why social content is the best bang for your marketing buck. It’s more cost efficient than other marketing channels, especially when businesses apply the tips we suggested!

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